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VICTOR Fuel System Cleaner

VICTOR Fuel System Cleaner

VICTOR Fuel System Cleaner is developed with the most updated formula to ensure keep provides high-quality cleaning of the fuel system of your vehicle, Ensures effective cleaning, Only a clean fuel system guarantees clean and powerful combustion and efficient engine performance, saving time and money.

VICTOR Fuel System Cleaner
ensures effective cleaning of the entire fuel system from the tank to the combustion chamber, Removes operationally caused the contamination, and prevents the formation of new deposits.

Only a clean fuel system guarantees clean and powerful combustion and efficient engine performance!
Easy application without extra effort. Reduces fuel consumption and optimizes exhaust gas emission values. Protects from corrosion and increases operational reliability. Ensures a smooth and quiet idle.
Recommended to add every tank filling to the tank before filling up. In all petrol engines useable. Especially in case of cold start problems or bad exhaust values, due to deposits. Sufficient for 60 L petrol. For larger tank volumes add 50 ml per 10 liters of fuel. The product works during operation.

VICTOR Fuel Injector Cleaner

  • Fix engine misfiring.
  • Aids fuel and oil consumption.
  • Improves cold start performance.
  • Restores lost power and acceleration.
  • Reduces hazardous exhaust gas emissions.
  • Cleaning the dirty or clear, partially clogged fuel injectors.
  • Maintain a clean and healthy fuel system for regularly used.
  • Dissolve solids that have built up in the fuel injection system.
  • Prevent the build-up of hydrocarbons and other harmful deposits.



Article No. 1004.0000.25     –    VICTOR Fuel Injector Cleaner     250 ml x 24

Article No. 1004.0000.30     –    VICTOR Fuel Injector Cleaner     300 ml x 12

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For best results to restore the lost power and acceleration, it’s recommended that Add the Fuel System Cleaner to the nearly empty gasoline tank, then fill the tank with up to half as much gasoline, This will allow the additive to be immediately mixed and sucked into the fuel system and injectors upon starting your engine, for best results, do not refill the tank until nearly empty, Use every 10,000 KM.

VICTOR Lubricants German Brand by Victor International GmbH